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Diane Thompson

I am currently a mature student and a mother of two teens who decided to return to school and study Culinary Management. My passion is baking Iam aware that everyone chances a recipe to suit there own tastes but I have been told you never adjust a recipe when you are baking. I have been baking ever since I received my first easy bake oven many many years ago. The one thing I find myself always doing is altering a baking recipe ans so far I have had no problems with things not working out. I do believe there are certain ingredients that you should not fool around with to much or you will end up with a flop. I am currently trying different was to change my own recipes into glutin free ones now that is a great challenge. I find it difficult getting the right combo for my yeast doughs just right between texture, moisture and the right amount of rise.I would love to one day open my own bakery with items that I have crreated along with some time honoured standards.

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